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One Breath Diving is a family owned business located on North Stradbroke Island in Queensland, Australia. Founder Peter Fearnside has spent more than 30 years diving for a living and having a passion for spearfishing, freediving and other "One Breath Diving" sports.

At One Breath Diving, we know what makes a well-cut wetsuit, a good fitting mask, useable snorkel, comfortable fins, and an effective speargun.We recognised the need for freediving and spearfishing gear that offers proven performance and reliability, for all freedivers and spearfishers, from beginners to professionals.

We understand people are chasing equipment that has the values of quality, affordability, usability, performance and not just what you will find in the other stores.Our company imports a unique selection of specialised free diving and spear fishing gear from Europe and the US to complement our carefully chosen Australian supplies.

Our range caters to the full spectrum of Australian and Asian-Pacific conditions, from tropical to temperate/cold water, open water, reefs, shore dives and covering all the species targeted by spearos.

In stock you will find essential supplies such as masks, snorkels, wetsuits, weight belts and fins, as well as spear guns, other spearfishing equipment and accessories such as knives and safety gear.

We offer a simple to use online store, with personalised, dependable service and great value for money.

Your feedback is welcome: if there is any other spearfishing gear or freediving products you would like that you don't see on our site, please contact us and we will do our best to help you.

Founders of Spearfishing Products Founders of Spearfishing Products Founders of Spearfishing Products

Peter and Camille Fearnside

Peter Fearnside has been a professional marine aquarium fish and invertebrate collector for most of his life. He has spent thousands and thousands of hours working underwater. So you could say he knows a thing or two, from experience, about many of the products on this site, having had to use them every day for his work.

In his spare time he loves nothing better than to spearfish and has been free diving and spear fishing since he was a teenager. Peter has travelled, dived and spearfished in many parts of the world. Now living right on the water at Stradbroke Island in Queensland; he is able to get out more than most, but never enough!

In his younger days, Peter was an accomplished underwater hockey player, but living on an island with limited transport keeps him from this much-loved sport. It is from Peter's passion for the water and one breath diving sports that this business arose. He is keen to provide others with products to suit their own underwater pursuits. Peter uses his knowledge and experience to purchase, study, describe, trial and test products prior to presenting them to you for sale.

Camille Fearnside has been working with Peter for almost 20 years. She is keen on the communications component of this business - writing and photography - as well as the creative and artistic ideas. She also handles all the typing, computer and bookwork of the company.

Together we make a complimentary, well-rounded team. We know the importance to our customers of good personalised service, fantastic range and quality of products, as well as worldwide competitive pricing. It is our goal to provide all of this and more!

We can help in your selection of speargun, spear shaft, mask, snorkel, wetsuit, fins, knife or any other spearfishing gear or freediving equipment you would like to purchase.

If you don't find enough information on the site, we are happy to answer any email or phone enquiries.