Seatec Sea Technology

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Price for a pair of black rubber and aqua blue footpockets, with fixing kits. Seatec's Italian engineered footpockets have been developed after extensive research. The unique design provides better transference of power from the heel of the foot through to...
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Fits over any single flopper shaft to give a place for easy and tidy winding of shooting lines. Made of durabe black plastic. Doubles as a tip protector for your shaft and conveniently allows the tidy storage of otherwise loose...
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Price is for a single roller bearing to fit a Seatec Roller Head. To be used as a spare part for a Seatec Roller Speargun or Seatec Roller Head. Non-corroding acetal/ nylon bearing. Fits 5mm axle. To be used with...
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High visibility yellow. An affordable, lightweight and efficient way to store floatline, flashers and other lines. Winder actually floats with line on, if set up to a float, and easily tows behind you. The design enables you to adjust the...
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