About Us

Experience the difference that One Breath Diving can provide. We are not just the bunch of products you see on our website. Along with 24 hour on-line shopping convenience, enjoy the benefits of old-fashioned family business service.

No matter where you are in Australia or the world, we can provide personalised service tailored for you, where you are, your level of experience and the type of spearfishing you do. OBD founder Peter Fearnside has travelled, spear-fished and gathered knowledge from many of the South Pacific Islands, Micronesia, Mexico, Central America, Hawaii, California and Australia.

Peter has been a spearo for 40 years and a commercial diver/ aquarium collector for most of this time. So he has real-life practical, hands-on experience in: boating, spearing, diving, freediving, handling and filleting fish, looking after equipment, choice of equipment, repairing gear, rigging spearguns, etc.

He lives and has worked and spear-fished on Straddie most of his life, so is very familiar with Moreton Bay, and its outside reef systems. If you live handy to North Stradbroke Island, OBD is just a short water taxi ride from Cleveland, Brisbane. Here you can see, try and test the many new and innovative products we manufacture, import, sell and use ourselves. Peter also does custom speargun builds, modifications, and re-builds.

Peter is not just an employee who happens to work in a spearfishing shop. He is an active, dedicated spearo, who is passionate about the sport and making sure the needs of customers are met. He is always searching for new ideas and products and making sure problems are solved, not neglected.

If you can’t make it to our store, we can still help you improve your freediving and spearfishing performance - and not by simply selling you products with big profits. Our emphasis is on customer satisfaction, with products, techniques and advice that is right for you.

Order online and enjoy the many other benefits: free freight on many orders, excellent freight rates on others, super fast dispatch and express freight options.

We are genuinely interested in your individual spearfishing and freediving needs and are happy to talk in person, by phone or email.