The following chart is a guide only. If you wear socks or booties under your fins, you may need to go up a size, depending on where you fit within the range of each size. Foot pocket sizes need to allow for thickness of the sock or bootie worn and think about compression. Bear in mind the fins will become looser with depth as neoprene compresses. This is more of an issue with thicker neoprene rubbers and deeper diving.

If you are unsure of your size, measure the width at the widest point and length of both of your feet, with and without socks/booties. From these measurements we can guide you in your choice. We may also be able to help you, to order, if your size is not listed in the chart.


European Australian Mens Australian Womens Insole Length (cm)
38 4 7 24
39 5 8 24.5
40 6 9 25
41 7 10 26
42 8 11 26.5
43 9 12 27.5
44 10 13 28
45 11   29
46 12   29.5
47 13   30.5
48 14   31.5


Wetsuit sizing is approximate. Not every body will fit within these categories. Wetsuits do stretch to accommodate alot of different shapes, so if you are only slightly outside of the following chart parameters, the suit should fit. A wetsuit should fit snugly, but not so tight that it will be too difficult to get on or off or restrict movement unduly. If you are unsure of your size, please contact us and we will guide you. If you are decidedly different in height or weight from the following, we can offer you a made to order service.


Men's Size Weight (kg) Height (cm)
1=XS 50-62 155-163
2=S 60-72 164-172
3=M 70-82 170-178
4=L 80-92 175-185
5=XL 90-102 182-192
6=XXL 100-112 185-196



To check your size for gloves, check the measurement around the palm of your hand as pictured below: