1. If walking backwards in long fins, shuffle backwards, not forwards. Or leave fins off and put them on after you have entered the water, if conditions are safe to do so.
  2. Wear fin keepers if in surge, surf or walking on the bottom so you don't lose your fins. They can be particularly difficult to find in aerated surf-zone or break-zone.
  3. Fin keepers can eliminate the squelching sound present in loose or poorly fitting foot pockets, minimise spooking fish.
  4. If entering or leaving the water sitting in a boat or talking to someone in the water, the best place for your mask is around your neck, not on your forehead. It can't be lost when it is around your neck!
  5. Wet your face prior to putting on your mask. This may help stop fogging issues.
  6. To get more life out of black carbon steel shafts(or other steel products), simply wash thoroughly after use, dry and oil with fish oil or other edible oil based lubricant.
  7. Avoid petroleum based lubricants. Instead use silicone, vegetable or fish based oils to avoid damaging your rubber based equipment (wetsuits, weight belts, foot pockets, some masks, snorkels and straps).
  8. Toothy fish can penetrate float lines that gain their buoyancy from watertight tube. Tip: Kill fish first to minimise the chance of this happening or toggle the fish straight onto a fish keeper spike attached to your float.
  9. Float line bungees are normally attached at the float end, not the gun end, to minimise damage to the soft bungee if pulled into the rocks or reef.